SIEM Security Awareness

SIEM: Security through Awareness

Our intuitive and complete SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution enables complex security incident detection out of a multitude of events generated by various devices, systems or applications. With SIEMphony get a clear and accurate view of the dangers that threaten your infrastructure and efficiently defeat the attacks you are facing every day.

SIEMphony in brief

  • Complete Security and Information Event Management Solution equipped with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Enables to detect complex attacks in real time.
  • Generates graphs and indicators for the efficiency of a security policy.
  • Brings out an accurate image of the reality necessary for a comprehensive forensic analysis.
  • Helps comply with regulations
  • Offers multiple opportunities for the IT activity of an organization.
  • Guarantees immediate and tangible ROI.

Multi-purposed SIEM: Security and much more

SIEMphony is a particularly user-friendly investigation tool. It is therefore very natural that beyond the security aspects, SIEMphony can help to quickly solve failures, bugs or configuration problems that can disturb the smooth running of an organization, and serve as a major maintenance tool for everyday infrastructure management.